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Thank you for selecting to purchase a permit from District Enforcement Limited. Registration should take no longer than 10 minutes and you can choose to cancel your application at any point before payment has been made.

Before continuing please read and accept the terms and conditions below.

Terms and conditions for parking permits

  • I agree that the permit is only valid for myself; the applicant; whilst displayed in the vehicle to which it has been issued.
  • I can confirm that the address provided is the address from which my regular journey will be undertaken, as stated when enrolling at the University. If these details change I will notify both the University and District Enforcement Limited at and respectively.
  • I understand that the permit must be clearly visible in the vehicle when parking at the University, either affixed to the windscreen or prominently displayed on the dashboard. I agree that if the permit is not clearly visible to the attendant a charge may be incurred.
  • I understand that the permit does not allow the driver to park without charge anywhere other than within the appropriately marked bays and that a charge may be incurred for other modes of parking subject the signage displayed.
  • If parking within a disabled bay, I understand that both the permit and a valid blue badge or University disability permit issued to the permit holder must be clearly displayed else a charge may be incurred.
  • I agree to my personal details being retained in order to process the permit application in accordance to the District Enforcement Privacy Policy.
  • I understand that parking availability at the University is limited and the issuing of a permit does not guarantee a designated space whilst in attendance.
  • I understand that I may cancel my permit without reason for up to 14 days after payment. Refunds will be issued on receipt of the cancelled permit. Please note that on cancellation you will be unable to reapply for a 2017-18 permit.

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